GC-B Middle School will go to West Bend-Mallard

Gilmore City-Bradgate students in grades 7-8 next year will be attending school at West Bend-Mallard after action last week (Dec. 18) in GC-B’s monthly meeting. The board voted to add the two grades to its present whole grade sharing agreement with WB-M. The two schools are currently in the second year of a three-year agreement in which GC-B sends its students in grades 9-12 to West Bend. “In a nutshell, academically we have no concerns. We’re very happy with the education the students are receiving,” GC-B Superintendent Ron Bollmeyer said. “Our main concern is that the low numbers generates concerns for our students socially.” “For example, recently we had a girl who said she didn’t want to go out for basketball because she would be the only girl from Gilmore City out for basketball,” Bollmeyer said. “We had a lengthy discussion about all of those things at our meeting last month,” Bollmeyer said. “That is our main reason for the change.” With both district boards approving the action, they will be able to approve the change at their joint meeting in January, in which they will amend the sharing contract. If present enrollment numbers hold to form, there would be 10 GC-B sixth and seventh grade students this year, enrolled in middle school next year.

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