City water and sewer rates to rise

The Humboldt City Council is seriously considering increasing the monthly flat rate for water availability from $4.02 to $13.77, an increase of $9.75 per month per account, or 343 percent. The Council discussed the increase at their city council meeting last week after a cost analysis study by ISG, the city's civil engineering firm.

Utility rates for Humboldt city customers will be going up — considerably.
Although no official action has yet been taken, the Humboldt City Council gave a verbal OK to increasing the flat rate for water service (shown as the water user fee on city utility bills) by more than three times the current charge.
By Sept. 1, the city is expected to increase the monthly flat rate for all customers from the current $4.02 to $13.77 per month, an increase of $9.75 per account.
Sewer charges are much less threatening, an increase in the flat rate from the present charge of $12.87 per month to $13.38, an increase of 51 cents per account.
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