Humboldt hosts statewide education workshop

Lucinda Boyd, an instructional coach in the Humboldt School District, shares her thoughts and ideas during a session on project-based learning at last week's AIW workshop in Humboldt. Independent photo by Phil Monson.

The Humboldt Community School District has been a leader in the state of Iowa when it comes to the application of AIW (Authentic Intellectual Works).
So it was no surprise when educators from across the state exceeded original registration numbers in a mid-year training workshop held last Friday, March 3, at Humboldt Middle School and Humboldt High School.
“The leadership here, from the superintendent to Tammy (Tamela Johnson), Lucinda (Boyd) and her other coaches, has made all the difference in this school district,” Hope Bossard, Director of the Iowa AIW Consortium, said.
“We scored our instruction with a group of teachers from Humboldt and the surrounding areas. We got input from other teachers about the kind of things we teach here and got feedback on ways we can make it better,” Humboldt High School instructor and workshop participant Rodd Mooney said. “That’s a really good process and it helps make us all better instructors.”
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