Council approves $500K fire truck purchase

Humboldt firefighter Matt Newton (right) talks to third graders from Mrs. Case’s class last Thursday afternoon at Humboldt City Hall. Taft elementary students had an opportunity to hear about several city departments and how they operate, the fire department being one of them. Humboldt Independent photo by Kent Thompson.

By Kent Thompson
Humboldt City Administrator Travis Goedken likened the city’s purchase of new fire engine pumper truck to buying a new vehicle.
“You can get a Kia or a Toyota or a Cadillac. The purchase we are making is closer to the Cadillac end, but it has what the fire department wants and feels it needs to serve the city and county residents now and in the future,” Goedken said.
Humboldt Fire Chief Jim Gronbach and Humboldt Fire and Rescue firefighter Matt Newton went over the plans and specifications with the Humboldt City Council at its bi-monthly meeting on Monday.
“This is something that is going to have to last this department 40-45 years, so we are looking at warranties, high-quality and getting what we want from a reputable provider that also stresses customer service,” Gronbach said.
In dealing with the three companies handling the fire trucks, Newton said there was no comparison in what would be the best fit for Humboldt.
“I was able to get nearly everything we wanted within 30 days. There is no question that this (Pierce model) from Reliant Fire Appartus of Slinger, WI, is the most positive to work with,” Newton said.
The Humboldt City Council approved the $537,310 purchase with funds coming from a general obligation bond issue passed last year and accumulated set-aside savings of approximately $100,000 by the department over several years.
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