Uncertain future for Born Free Motorcoach

Here is a look at the Born Free Motorcoach showroom during busier days. The company, at 1505 13th St. N., is beginning its fifth week of “temporary shutdown.” Product manager Brandon Dodgen is hopeful that the 70-year Humboldt business can re-open. Right now, the future is uncertain. Humboldt Independent file photo.

By Kent Thompson
Beginning its fifth week of temporary shutdown, Born Free Motorcoach and its employees are in a state of limbo, one they wish they had answers for, according to product manager Brandon Dodgen.
“We are treating it as a temporary layoff, as ownership says it wants to reopen,” Dodgen stated.
There is also the possibility that the longtime Humboldt manufacturing business could close its doors for good, he reported.
Once a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dodgen Industries, Born Free Motorcoach was sold 2-1/2 years ago to HBF Investment, an Iowa limited liability corporation.
“I wish I knew what the future holds. I would love to see the plant continue to operate in Humboldt.
“I’m like the rest of our employees and customers. I’m playing a waiting game,” Brandon Dodgen said.
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