Doctor resigns from clinic practice

Dr. Ryan Wood has resigned from the medical staff at the UnityPoint Family Medicine -- Humboldt. His wife, Dr. Megan Wood, remains on staff at the clinic and is seeing patients four days a week there. Dr. Ryan Wood's patients are being offered appointments with other providers at the clinic.

By Kent Thompson
Officials from UnityPoint have confirmed that Dr. Ryan Wood has resigned his position at the UnityPoint Family Medicine — Humboldt Clinic.
The information was revealed during Monday’s meeting of the Humboldt County Memorial Hospital (HCMH) Board of Trustees.
No details about the reason for the resignation were released. The Independent has been pursuing sources for follow-up information.
HCMH Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Michelle Sleiter wanted to set the record straight about some details regarding the Wood family, following the rumor mill started and stoked by social media posts.
“The Woods are very happy here and Dr. Megan Wood loves her job and will continue seeing patients at the clinic four days a week. The family loves it here,” Sleiter said, adding that they plan to continue to live in the community, despite Dr. Ryan Wood’s departure. For more information on this and other hospital news, see this week's Humboldt Independent. Subscribe by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

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