Larson ends ISU career in bowl victory


By Phil Monson
Bryan Larson’s journey as an Iowa State University football player came to an exciting and fulfilling end 12 days ago when the Cyclones defeated Memphis 21-20 in the Liberty Bowl.
Larson, who joined the team as a regular walk-on as a freshman in August of 2013, just three months after graduating from Humboldt High School, is glad he stuck with it over the last four years.
“In some ways it hasn’t totally sunk in yet. It is such a tremendous feeling. I wasn’t sure until that last game how much it really mattered, win or lose, until it happened. It was the most fantastic feeling to win that last game,” Larson said.
ISU’s victory over high-scoring Memphis capped an 8-5 season for the Cyclones and head coach Matt Campbell, who arrived just two years ago.
“It has been a tremendous journey and it started a year ago in January when off-season conditioning began,” said Larson, who earned a scholarship a year ago. “During that entire process, that entire journey, you never quite know what you are building, but it was the day-in, day-out effort of everybody collectively that turned into a pretty fantastic season.”

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