Committee appointed to look at downtown improvements

Humboldt City Council members Joel Goodell (left) and Kirk Whittlesey (right) have been appointed to a committee looking at downtown improvements to the city of Humboldt. Street lighting, sidewalks and curb and gutter are among the areas to be examined. Humboldt Independent file photos.

By Kent Thompson
The Humboldt City Council has appointed two members to work with Mayor Dan Scholl and City Administrator Travis Goedken to come up with a plan to remedy some issues with the central business district.
At the Council’s Feb. 20 meeting, it was unanimously agreed to appoint Council members Joel Goodell and Kirk Whittlesey to the committee with Council member Mike Worthington as an alternate.
Goodell volunteered to serve. Whittlesey was not at the meeting, but his name was offered. Goedken said Whittlesey served on the Community Visioning Committee in 2017.
“I think it would be good to have a former downtown business owner on the committee,” Second Ward Council member John Sleiter said.
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