Former Humboldt student embraces industrial design

Humboldt's Sadie Carver has combined a love of sports, art and design technology to develop a knee brace for McDavid Company that will be put into production later this year. Read about her story in this week's Humboldt Independent.

By Phil Monson
When Sadie Carver was a student at Humboldt High School, a series of injuries put a frustrating, early end to her athletic career.
But the talented, 2014 HHS graduate turned her focus to other areas and she has blossomed at Iowa State University in Ames studying in the Industrial Design program.
Carver, who will graduate next December, recently received honorable mention in the school’s Design Achievement Awards ceremony. She was one of six individual students to receive such honors.
She received her award for designing a knee brace that is being marketed by McDavid, a company which produces equipment for athletes dealing with injuries.
“I had a lot of injuries as an athlete in middle school and high school. I had my share of ACL knee injuries that cut my career short in sports,” Carver said. “Making that product was really close to home for me when I look back at my experience dealing with multiple knee injuries.”
Carver, a certified scuba diver, developed a wet suit for scuba divers and also designed and made her own purse. She'll be on an internship with the Michael Kors Company, designer of handbags, clothing, watches and shoes, this summer, before returning to Iowa State to complete her studies in the fall.
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