Shelter agreement approved, then vetoed

One year into the job, Humboldt County animal control has captured 200 unclaimed animals, finding homes for many of them. Humboldt County animal control officer Merri Hansen said that cats have actually been more problematic than dogs.

Following action by the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors and the Humboldt City Council on Monday, it looked like the city and county would be one step closer to having a licensed animal shelter for stray or unwanted pets.
Both government entities agreed to a $4,250 expenditure ($8,500 total), in order to purchase property north of the NEW Cooperative elevator in Humboldt, for the location of an animal shelter facility.
The property is located at 305 1st Ave. N. in Humboldt, and is owned by Kelly and Larry Gonder.
But on Thursday, May 10, Humboldt Mayor Dan Scholl wrote a letter to the Humboldt City Council saying that he would be vetoing the decision regarding the donation to help purchase the shelter. Scholl said his reasoning included a recommendation from City Attorney Eric Eide that a donation for land acquisition be tied to a specific property, which was not stated in the motion, and that the donation be made at a specific time, such as the time of closing on the property. It was indicated at Monday's Humboldt City Council meeting that the closing on the property would not occur until sometime in July. Scholl also commented that the proposed location does not allow for the operation of such a facility under city zoning. The Planning and Zoning Commission needs to meet and would have to allow a special use under I-1 general industrial zoning for the express acceptable use as an animal shelter.
Humboldt City Administrator Travis Goedken reported Friday that City Hall and the mayor and council members have received unfavorable reactions by some members of the public to the 1st Avenue North location.
In the letter, Scholl said himself and the Council remain supportive of an animal shelter project. The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors have added to the agenda a motion to rescind their approval of the expenditure at their May 14 meeting.
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