Rain, rain go away!

Many fields throughout Humboldt County looked like this one near Pioneer following another blast of storms Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Humboldt County was in severe weather and flash flood watches. Humboldt Independent photo by Phil Monson.

Thursday, June 14 was flag day, but from the view in the southwest corner of Humboldt County, it looked as if rain had reached the top of a flag pole in some fields.
A massive early morning downpour left reports of 5.5 to 7 inches in a diagonal strip, running parallel to the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad tracks that cut across Weaver Township from Gilmore City to Pioneer. Some instances of flash flooding was also reported in Corinth Township.
“We received 6.5 inches in the area north of Pioneer and had received a small amount of hail two days before on June 12,” Thad Naeve, who farms in the area, said.
“There was a lot of flooding and we will lose some crop. It’s just a question of how much,” Naeve said.
To add insult to injury, another blast of storms occurred Wednesday afternoon, June 20 in the area, after showers in the overnight hours. A heavy downpour occurred in the mid-to-late afternoon hours. Humboldt County was under a severe thunderstorm and tornado watch till 8 p.m. and the entire county was under a flash flood warning till 10:15 p.m. Wednesday evening. Storm spotters were sent out to Lake Township Wednesday afternoon for possible funnel activity, but no touchdowns were reported.
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