Dakota City Council approves use of ATV/ORVs and golf carts on city streets

This is a photo of ATVs and side-by-sides traveling on a bridge to Mackinaw island in Michigan. Several municipalities have allowed the slow-moving off-road vehicles to run on city streets. Now Humboldt, and apparently Dakota City, are following suit. Submitted photo.

The Dakota City Council has passed on first reading an ordinance that will allow for the operation of golf carts/ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) /ORVs (off-road vehicles) on city streets, provided the vehicles are permitted by the city.
The ordinance passed on first reading by a 3-2 vote at the Council's monthly meeting on July 11. Council member Tim Myers moved to approve the ordinance with Council member Tim Vought seconding the motion. Council member Barb Nelson joined the affirmative majority with Council members Justin Kirchhoff and Jim Van Horn voting against the new city law.
The ordinance is very similar to one passed last fall by the city of Humboldt, but there are a few exceptions.
In Dakota City, prohibited streets are Main Street between the blocks of 3rd and 6th Streets, except for crossing the street. All crossing must be at a 90-degree angle and golf carts or ATVs/ORVs must come to a complete stop before crossing. The special vehicles must yield to any on-coming traffic and pedestrians while crossing Main Street.
Also, the ordinance restricts use of the recreational vehicles on grass alleys within the city limits or on trails. Also, the ordinance requires that the golf carts, ATVs/ORVs be only operated on hard surface roads in the city.
“We have to self-police a little on this. I want the riders here to consider this a privilege. The ordinance can be amended or revoked. If we pass this, I would consider these first few months a trial period,” Nelson told those in attendance, before casting her yes vote.
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