Taft Park Shelter House is a target for vandals

Pictured are scratches/carvings to wood in the structure. Humboldt Independent photo.

Punching holes in walls, defecating in the corner, attempting to rip out electrical outlets, littering with trash, writing, carving and spray painting graffiti on walls – “anything and everything has happened to this building so far.”
That is the current report, on what has happened to the Taft Park Shelter House, according to Humboldt Parks Superintendent Clayton Vorland. Much of that activity has occurred during the past two years.
“We have repainted it three times already this year, choosing red paint. The inside walls used to be sealed wood. One whole wall was decorated (by graffiti) so we had to fix that," Vorland said.
Both the Humboldt Park Board and Humboldt City Council have had preliminary discussions about what to do about the matter.
“The answer is probably having an enclosed locked shelter house that will require a key and a small rental fee and deposit if someone wants to use it,” Goedken said.
“It’s unfortunate we have to go that route, but a few individuals have ruined the privilege of an open air shelter in our downtown park for the many,” the city administrator said.
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