Children's mental health is a growing concern

Prairie Lakes AEA Administrator Jeff Herzberg is part of a 23-member state task force whose charge is to come up with a plan for a mental health system to treat children with mental health needs in the state. Humboldt Independent photo.

Children’s mental health is becoming an increasing societal concern. Finding ways to assist children is a point of emphasis among parents, school administrators, teachers, health care providers and politicians.
Last April, Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency (AEA) Chief Administrator and Gilmore City-Bradgate School Superintendent Jeff Herzberg was one of 23 people named to a task force by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds to research and come up with a recommendation to the Iowa Legislature to create a mental health system for children in the state of Iowa.
On Monday, Herzberg visited the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to get some of their thoughts on mental health services for children.
“We’ve had two meetings and will be having two more, with the express purpose of making a recommendation to the Legislature,” Herzberg said.
He said the target group would be from birth to either age 18 or 26.
“The number one issue of the 39 public schools and 11 non-public schools in the Prairie Lakes 14-county area is mental health for children,” Herzberg said.
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