Frozen water damages Bradgate fire trucks and station

After a garage door inadvertently opened at the Bradgate Fire Station during 25 degree below zero temperatures, the city’s three fire trucks suffered extensive water damage as did the fire station/city hall. Submitted photo.

The sub-zero polar vortex claimed a victim in Bradgate last week.
The Bradgate Fire Station, which also serves as City Hall, was severely damaged after an overhead garage door somehow opened as outdoor temperatures plummeted to 25 degrees below zero on Wednesday night, Jan. 30.
By the time the open garage door was noticed early Thursday morning, water pipes inside the building had split, spraying water throughout the building. That water then froze.
Water in the city’s three fire trucks also froze, breaking the pump and splitting the tank in the 1965 pumper truck, damaged fittings in the 1984 tanker and damaged a gasket in the 1981 pumper.
“Until they get in to really inspect the trucks we don’t know the extent of the damage," Bradgate Fire Department Secretary Nancy Johansen said.
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