Air conditioning favored over law books

The electrical system in the second floor courthouse is original wiring from 1939. The courtroom air conditioning system was installed in the mid-1960s. Humboldt Independent photo.

It came down to a decision of comfort over knowledge on Monday and comfort won out.
What was being discussed was the upcoming 2019-20 county budget during a work session of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors on Monday morning at the Humboldt County Courthouse in Dakota City.
All five Board members were present, along with Humboldt County Judicial Magistrate Greg Stoebe. At issue was bound volumes of legal filings for the law library, weighing against the need for physical upgrades in the courtroom, along with improvements to the judge’s chambers and defendant meeting rooms and visiting attorney offices at the courthouse.
Last year, the Board agreed to spend approximately $10,000 on two large bound journals and supplemental annotations for the law library.
While Stoebe would like to have the periodicals in the law library, he said he understands the needs for courtroom and associated office improvements.
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