Beaver Township beef producer benefits from neighbors

Adam Parle is pictured with one of his young Angus crossbred calves in a pasture south of Dakota City, as the calf’s mother looks on. Humboldt Independent photo by Kent Thompson.

When he was just a little boy, Adam Parle would stand at the edge of the road and watch the neighboring farmers work their fields. He would do that for hours on end.
When he was a little older, a neighbor, Bob Larson, invited Adam to ride on the tractor and help out with Bob’s cattle and horses.
Even though Adam’s parents, Dan and Dawn Parle, aren’t farmers, it didn’t take much to get Adam hooked on farming and raising cattle in particular.
“Working with cows is my passion. I love running cows,” Parle, who just turned 22, said.
Parle has a 15-head cow/calf herd and also raises sheep, helps neighbors farm, works for Tri County Agronomy in Humboldt seasonally, and purchased the Johanson feed mill in Badger last year. Read about his story in the Salute to Beef Producers section in this week's Humboldt Independent.

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