Assessment Progress testing comes to school

Derrick Elman (standing), a fourth grade student at Taft Elementary School in Humboldt, looks on as students in his classroom begin the final day of taking the ISASP assessment online through their individual laptop computers. Independent photo. See this photo and more at

By Phil Monson
Pencil and paper testing has gone by the wayside in the Humboldt Community School District and across the state of Iowa.
Last week the district wrapped up its first year using the new Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP). Students in grades 3-11 took their final test on April 30.
The ISASP is aligned with the Iowa Core Standards, providing a clear and accurate assessment of student learning outcomes.
Where previous tests relied heavily on multiple choice questions, the new English, math and science tests will evaluate students’ skills using a mix of item types, including technology-enhanced questions as well as open ended essay questions. In addition, there is no limit like so many tests before.
“The thing I like about it is that it keeps the kids pretty focused. They are used to technology, so it is a really easy transition for them, coming from a paper and pencil test,” Humboldt fourth grade teacher Derrick Elman said.
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