Public will have chance to break out of school

Ellen and Maddie, trainers with Hy-Vee’s KidFit program, met with fourth graders at Taft Elementary School on Monday to explain the program, which kids and families can do at home to promote health, exercise and nutrition. Students all went home with a water bottle prize presented by Humboldt Hy-Vee Store Director Roger Townsend. More information can be found online at Humboldt Independent photo.

An escape room is coming to Humboldt High School and the general public will have a chance to test their skills to break out.
Escape rooms are a fast-growing phenomenon in the entertainment industry and now you can participate in an escape room right here in Humboldt.
On June 3-4 from 4-9 p.m. people can sign up in hourly intervals. Up to 10 people can sign up per time slot. People can sign up as a single or in groups. Cost is $25 per person.
“It sounds expensive but that is the going rate and instead of having to drive to Des Moines it’s right here in Humboldt,” HHS math teacher Pam Swan said.
In addition, by opening the escape room up to the public it will help defray the cost of having the escape room available to students for “May/June Term.”
Humboldt High School will be offering a May/June Term for students in grades 9-11 during the final five and a half days of the school year. Principal Lori Westhoff said students will be able to take unique educational opportunities that fit into one of these five areas: College and Career Readiness, Activity, Community Service, Problem Based Learning or Life Skills.
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