Grassley visits Jet Company

Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley (center left) shares a story with Jet Company President Leon Heider (center right) while a staff member listens in. Grassley stopped in Humboldt last week to tour the local trailer manufacturer and visit with management and employees. Humboldt Independent photo.

Iowa senior Sen. Charles Grassley is encouraged that momentum on trade issues are moving in a positive direction, which is good news for Iowa farmers and small business manufacturers.
Grassley made a brief visit to Humboldt Wednesday, July 3 where he met with company officials and employees of Jet Company, a locally owned and operated manufacturer of trailers for agricultural and commercial applications.
Grassley answered questions from employees and others after a tour of the plant.
He talked about his staff members, how he receives information and about his reason for running for office in the first place.
Grassley said he was encouraged that after he and other leaders met with President Trump, the aluminum and steel tariffs on imports from Canada and Mexico were lifted.
The news was good for manufacturing companies like Jet Company and was also good for farmers, in particular dairy farmers, who sell a lot of cheese to Canada.
Media reports say the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) faces an uphill battle in the Democratically-controlled U.S. House of Representatives, with issues about the environment, labor and drug pricing expressed.
Grassley is more optimistic.
Read more about his visit in this week's Humboldt Independent newspaper.

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