Humboldt Mutual makes long-range plans for policyholders

Staff at Humboldt Mutual Insurance Association include (l to r): Scott Curran, Bob Abens, Jenna Burmester, Terri Beebe, Nancy Lindquist, Amy Peters, Heather Wilson, Dan Scholl and Dean Clasen. Humboldt Independent photo.

The trend continues that storms are hitting more frequently and more severe, which means when they do hit Humboldt County the storms cause more damage.
In 2017-18, more than one-half of Humboldt Mutual’s policyholders had claims. That included the March 6 hailstorm in Humboldt which led to approximately 550 claims. Plus there was another storm May 15-16, and one in Klemme on July 10. Last year, Bode got hit with a hailstorm on May 1 and West Bend on Aug. 28. Altogether in 2017-18, Humboldt Mutual paid out more than $12.5 million for approximately 1,400 claims.
“These were catastrophic events,” Bob Abens, Secretary-Manager of Humboldt Mutual Insurance Association, said. “The trend continues that storms are more frequent and more severe so when they do hit they cause more damage.”
Long range planning by Humboldt Mutual led to efforts to work with customers on ways to mitigate losses.
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