Humboldt city election has contested races on November 5 ballot

Pictured from left: Humboldt mayoral candidates Dan Scholl and Walter Jensen, Third Ward Council candidates Joel Goodell and Ariel Echevarria, Second Ward Council candidate John Sleiter and First Ward Council candidate Matt Dominick.

The 2019 city and school elections are next Tuesday, Nov. 5. Polls are open at locations in the county from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The Humboldt Independent wanted to get the ideas of candidates running for offices in city government.
In an effort to do so, a questionnaire was sent out to the candidates running for Humboldt Mayor and Humboldt City Council in Wards 1, 2 and 3.
Here is a sampling of thoughts:
Mayor Dan Scholl on incentives for local businesses: "With the significant structural investment the city is making in the downtown, I think it’s important to offer support of our existing businesses and to continue to be proactive in our approach of trying to attract new. While the council can take credit for listening and taking action, some of these ideas were actually generated from conversations with local business owners during the discussion of the revitalization process."
Mayor challenger Walter Jensen on the downtown project: "I feel the downtown project is one of the worst things that could have been done to our main street (Sumner Avenue). Narrowing up our beautiful wide streets, that our town has had since its foundation is a shame. Removing the stoplights and adding stop signs is a burden on our truck and agricultural equipment traffic. The bump outs will be a hardship for both snow removal and traffic running into the curbs."
Ward 1 Council candidate Matt Dominick: "As a progressive city, it is important to continue work that improves the infrastructure we have in place. ...there are several children and patrons walking daily and a stop sign ensures people moderate their speed between city blocks and don’t try to beat a yellow light."
Ward 2 Council candidate John Sleiter: "The downtown revitalization project is not being funded by general tax revenues. So, while the general public will benefit from the project, they will not have to pay for it in a direct sense."
Ward 3 Council candidate Ariel Echevarria on business development: "We need to focus incentives and on-going support to leisure, recreation and retail business. Those businesses will bring in families and encourage larger companies to move to town. We also should be looking at the future. Data centers, warehousing, transportation and tech jobs are growing and we should be pushing for those types of businesses as well."
Ward 3 Council candidate Joel Goodell on hiring a person dedicated to small business development: “Regarding a hiring a person for small business development, I agree with that. I think Alissa O’Connor has done a wonderful job with the HCDA. So we need someone to work with small businesses and working to get our empty storefronts filled. We have to try to get business and make our town appealing for new business or for existing businesses to expand."
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