Seussical coming this weekend

The Humboldt High School music and drama department have been extremely busy putting together their fall musical, Seussical! This family approved show is based on the beloved stories of Dr. Seuss. All the characters and rhymes will take you to a colorful world of imagination.
Led by the magical Cat in the Hat (Donovan Froisland), JoJo the Who (Sydney Savery), is introduced to this enchanting world of Dr. Seuss.
The full cast joins them in “Oh, The Things You Can Think” and what may ensue as the story unfolds.
Our first tale takes us to the Jungle of Nool where we meet Horton the Elephant (Logan Kehoe) with the songbird narrators of the production, the Bird Girls (Emie Wolter, Josie Harvey, Cassondra Ruzicka, Grace Minor and Adalynn Lawman) singing of a typical day in the jungle. Gertrude McFuzz (Holly Kirchhoff) is Horton’s caring next door neighbor who wishes she had a beautiful tail.
Mayzie La Bird (Megan Abens) leads the Bird Girls as the showgirl of the jungle. Other members of the jungle include the Judge, Yertle the Turtle (Carter Theesfeld) and an eagle, Vlad Vladikoff (Walter DeLanoit).
The soulful Sour Kangaroo (Hailey Box) and Young Kangaroo (Elle Clark) will raise the volume on the question of Horton’s sanity in the song “Biggest Blame Fool.”
The Wickershams (Braden Sandven, Cameron Beach, Ryder Wickett, Tristyn Fuller, Tia Woeste, and Ragan McWilliams) are monkeys full of mischief and are there to tease Horton through the song “Monkeyin’ Around.”
Gertrude wants to be like Mayzie and the Bird Girls. If only she could be as amazing as they are! In the song and dance of “Amayzing Mayzie,” Gertrude learns how she may become “Amayzing Gertrude” to get such beautiful tail feathers.
Horton thinks he can hear something on a clover, “Horton Hears a Who.” We learn that maybe he isn’t crazy as we travel to the clover on a dust spec.
There is an entire tiny town of Whoville singing “Here on Who.” Mr. Mayor (Jacob Halvorson) and Mrs. Mayor (Leah Johnson) are the parents of young JoJo. They are trying to raise their difficult child in a difficult world. Whoville is on the brink of war with General Genghus Kahn Shmitz (Luke Sievers) leading the Cadets (Kali Dodrill, Michelle Cox, Tricia Kellner, Noah Skow and Hayden Holm) into the Battle of the Butter. Another prominent member people will recognize is the Grinch (Carter Theesfeld) reenacting his Christmas tale.
JoJo is sent to bed by his parents, but not before a bath. He starts thinking again in the song “It’s Possible” where his ideas bring the Fish ensemble to stage.
Back in the jungle, Gertrude is relentlessly trying to catch the attention of Horton in a powerful ballad of “Notice Me Horton.” Mayzie turns to Horton in “How Lucky You Are” and has him take on the role of sitting on her nest. The first act concludes with Horton in quite the predicament. Throughout the show, the Cat plays many roles in connecting the story, bringing joy and sadness.
Joining the leads on stage, are three rock star ensembles. In the jungle, the citizens of Nool will be adding to the rumors of Horton through song and dance. They are comprised of Kirstyn Beaman, Shelby Hayden, Morgan Hotovec, Erin Howard, Emily Knight, Gracie Vitzthum, Sam Mooney, Zayne Smith, Lily Wolter, Grace Smith, Chloe Mayall, Brett Harklau, Daphne Delanoit, Nora Carlson, Taylor Nolting, Tori Gargano, Trevor Beach, Kali Beaman and Claire Varangkouhn.
Mr. and Mrs. Mayor lead the Whos to make them heard including the voices of Kelly Manz, Alexa Hemmelrick, Harrison Tille, Clara Bormann, Aneisha Sritharan, Dani Abens, Maddy Dahl, Lilly Bormann, Quinton Orr, Emma Clark, Kaylan Remes, Emily Siefken, Jayda Vitzthum, Megan Schreiber, Ashlyn Sutterfield, Keaton Axtell, Aiden Christensen, Delaney Himes and Andee Malanaphy.
The thinks ensemble is very versatile in becoming fish to a circus to hunches and carrying on the story as JoJo’s thinks. Students involved as these ever changing characters are Emily Zaugg, Kaylee Shaner, Deni McDaniel, Jayda Hoefer, Lily Groat, Kailee Dettmann, Ashlee Wergeland, Rylie Satern, Michelle Cox, Kinzie Peyton, Joie Smith, Paige DeWinter, Cambry Nelson, Jennika Beach and Tricia Kellner.
Tony winners, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty (Lucky Stiff, My Favorite Year, Once on This Island, Ragtime), have lovingly brought to life all of our favorite Dr. Seuss characters. We are encouraged to think, dare, and dream while looking out for others and staying true to oneself. This is a fantastic family show and enjoyable for all ages, no matter how small!
Make plans to join the cast for three lively performances on Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 7, 8 and 9 at the R.W. Carlson Auditorium.
Tickets are available in the high school office, $8 for adults and $5 for students, or may be purchased at the door.
The public is invited to join the Humboldt High School drama and music departments to see Dr. Seuss’ imaginative tales come to life! The show is produced with special arrangement through Musical Theatre International (MTI) under the musical direction of Bryce Shutt and drama direction of Ashley Garst.
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