Snow and zero degrees play havoc with sidewalk progress

Workers from Sande Construction battle wind chills only slightly above zero on Monday as they level rock in front of Humboldt Mutual Insurance for more concrete pours expected with warmer days ahead. Humboldt Independent photo by Kent Thompson.

When the Humboldt Downtown Revitalization project started this past summer, it was known that it was going to take a lot of cooperation among the parties involved.
Will someone please get the word out to Mother Nature. The weather has been the one wild card that while expected, can never be entirely predicted.
First there was heavy rains in August and September and that trend continued into October, with Humboldt checking in with just over 5 inches for the month, about 2 inches above normal. Temperatures in October also averaged about 3-4 degrees below normal.
Here comes November with more sidewalk work in the 500 block of Sumner Avenue to finish and record cold temperatures. Monday’s high was only 19 degrees in Humboldt with a recorded low Tuesday morning of 0.
All this along with some other delays has meant slow going for the downtown project.
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