Workplace bullying policy to be added at school

New Humboldt School Board President Tate Satern presented a policy that has been adopted in the Sioux City School District regarding workplace bullying. Satern would like the policy added to the Humboldt Community School District's list of policies and procedures.

By Phil Monson
The addition of a policy on workplace bullying and the elimination of work sessions were among the main topics of discussion during the regular monthly meeting of the Humboldt School Board on Monday night (Dec. 16).
Board president Tate Satern provided a copy of proposed policy 403.7 which would address workplace bullying in the district. Satern said the Sioux City School District has the policy in place. He also said he contacted legal counsel with the Iowa Association of School Boards and they have given their approval to the policy.
Before the board began discussion, Satern read a prepared statement.
“Throughout the country school districts are struggling with student bullying. However, few districts have addressed workplace or teacher bullying. Bullying occurs in virtually every workplace and survey results from the workplace institute show 37 percent of U.S. workers are being bullied,” Satern said. “When bullying occurs it creates a climate of fear and loathing where victims are no longer able to concentrate on their job because of their focus on self-preservation.”
Read more on Satern's comments and items discussed at this week's meeting in the Dec. 19 Humboldt Independent. Get your copy delivered in print or electronic formats by clicking on the Subscribe link at the top of this page.

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