Hog wild: Pig ends up in basement window

Ryan and Mandy Zwiefel’s sow, Chyna, fell approximately five feet into a basement window well on the city’s southwest side in the early morning hours of Wednesday, Dec. 18. The approximately 300-pound pig was successfully rescued with no injuries. Submitted photo.

Chyna, the pregnant sow belonging to Ryan and Mandy Zwiefel, gave new meaning to the term animal liberation early last Wednesday morning (Dec. 18).
Chyna and three of her roommates, broke down a gate and escaped from their pen on the Zwiefel’s acreage at 1 Timber Ridge on the southwest side of Humboldt.
While three of the animals stuck close by in a barn on the farm, Chyna, who was named after the late female professional wrestler, because she was always putting up a fight, had quite a little adventure. Read about her exploits in this week's Humboldt Independent. Your trusted source for local news and sports.

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