Lu Verne Elementary embraces new way of teaching math

Jon Hueser, school superintendent at Lu Verne, displays the new 65-inch interactive television boards installed over the summer. Independent photo by Phil Monson.

By Phil Monson
Teachers at Lu Verne Elementary School aren’t afraid of change.
In fact, they embrace change and they have the statistics right out of the classroom to prove.
Last year it was the EL Program to improve literacy. This year they are implementing Bridges Mathematics.
Molli Leiting, instructional coach in Lu Verne and Algona, and Lu Verne School Superintendent Jon Hueser, can’t help but praise staff for implementing another new program.
“We knew last year using the old Everyday Math program didn’t meet all of the standards and benchmarks. We still had to pull a lot of things in to meet the core standards,” Hueser said. “Since we did the big change in literacy last year, we decided that the teachers were ready for changing math as well.”
“Everyone agreed that Bridges Mathematics is the best curriculum for us,” Leiting said.
“They had pros and cons for all of them but that one seemed to be the most hands-on and they also liked the usability and all the technology features that came with it,” Leiting said.
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