Optimistic corn grower sees better times ahead

With more than 6 million square inches in every acre, having equipment like the Great Plains vertical tillage machine increases yields by not disturbing density change layers in a soil, increasing root development and providing for more nutrient optimization. Humboldt Independent photo by Kent Thompson.

“Politics aside, I think ag has set itself up for a good year and an improving future. For the past three years, everyone seems to be doing good but the farmers and we have been going backwards," said Jerry Maier, who farms in Wright County near Eagle Grove.
Maier said he is encouraged with the announcement of Congress’ intent to pass the United States/Mexico/Canada Trade Agreement. “Under Obama, they swore up and down that NAFTA would never get renegotiated, but now in less than three years, it has been. It took a lot of work by a lot of people.
“I think that will be tremendous and should be a shot in the arm for Iowa farmers. I am also optimistic that a new agreement with China can be reached,” Maier said.
“I think the USMCA will be good not just for agriculture but all of the U.S. Everyone will gain. It’s also forced Japan to come to the table and sign a much better deal and we are working on a deal with Korea and other Pacific Rim nations," Maier said.
Maier represents area corn growers on the Iowa Corn Promotion Board. Read about what the Iowa corn checkoff is doing in this week's Humboldt Independent. Subscribe by clicking on the link at the top of the page and read what you are missing.

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