Democratic Caucus numbers still up in air

A Bernie Sanders supporter (center) visits with backers of Pete Buttigieg Monday night during the Iowa Precinct Caucuses for Humboldt County Democrats at Taft Elementary School. While statewide caucus results were delayed and were still not official at press time on Tuesday, it appeared to be a good night for the South Bend, IN candidate nicknamed “Mayor Pete,” both on the county and statewide level. Humboldt Independent photo.

A crazy election year just got a little crazier after the ballyhooed Iowa Caucuses hit a major snafu on Monday night.
Due to inconsistencies in reporting, according to a statement released by the Democratic Party of Iowa, results of the Democratic Caucuses were delayed. As of Wednesday afternoon, only 86 percent of the precincts had been certified, showing Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg in virtually a dead heat for votes and delegates.
Technical glitches with app reporting software was listed as one of reasons for the delay. The delay drew much criticism from members of the media, political pundits and the candidates themselves.
According to unofficial totals compiled by caucus officials and reported to the Humboldt Independent, former Vice President Joe Biden of Delaware and South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg were in a dead heat for voters and delegates to the Humboldt County Democratic Convention, which will be Saturday, March 21, at the Humboldt County Courthouse.
Vote totals from Monday showed Biden with 73 votes and Buttigieg with 68, but Buttigieg, thanks to an especially strong showing in Humboldt Precinct 1-Corinth-South
Weaver, and Humboldt Precinct 3-South Rutland, getting an edge in delegates, 15 to 14 over Biden. Third place went to Amy Klobuchar, the Minnesota U.S. Senator who campaigned hard in Iowa over the past few months and made a campaign stop in Humboldt in late December. Klobuchar finished with 52 votes and 9 delegates.
More progressive Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders did not fare as well in Humboldt County. Warren received 22 votes and has 4 delegates to the County Convention and Sanders received 25 votes and also has 4 delegates going to the convention.
Tom Steyer and Andrew Yang received one vote each in the final count, but were not a viable number to receive delegate representation.
“I’m supporting him because of his values, his humbleness, his military service and especially his faith. He is well spoken and he speaks about his faith," said Buttigieg supporter Chad Hansen of Humboldt.
At the Republican Caucus at the VFW Hall in Dakota City, 102 party members attended with 100 of them voicing support for President Donald Trump. Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld received the other two votes. Newly appointed Humboldt County Republic Party Chair Andy Milam said he was surprised and thrilled with the turnout, saying it shows that local people are supportive of the president and the policies he is trying to enact.
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