Humboldt Schools plan online learning

The National Honor Society at Humboldt High School welcomed new inductees on Thursday, March 12. Front row from left: Quinton Orr, Morgan Smith, Emily Zaugg, Jayda Hoefer, Kaylee Shaner and Cameron Beach. Middle row from left: Aneisha Sritharan, Cassondra Ruzicka, Fletcher Satern, Leah Manz, Abbie Orness, Kylie Moser and Lily Groat. Back row from left: Esmerelda Tejeda, Sydney Savery, Kailee Dettmann, Eric Wittrock, Katie Wilhelm and Leah Johnson. Independent photo by Phil Monson.

By Phil Monson
The Humboldt School District is making plans to educate students online over the next four weeks. That was the word at Monday's Humboldt Board of Education meeting.
“The administrative team discussed this morning on how students could take online classes. We also discussed a list of resources parents can use once we get to that point, along with providing resources for parents with special needs students,” Interim Superintendent Mike Sherwood said. “Once we provide the resources, then we have to make sure there is Internet access for all students.”
“We’ll be finding out who has Internet access and who doesn’t. How do we match those resources and specific needs? I know Greg (Wickett) is working on providing Google Classroom and resource training videos for staff to be able to post things online,” Sherwood said.
“I think we can deliver an adequate online delivery program for the interim,” Wickett said. “Teachers will probably need a day of in-servicing on how to do this before we begin.”
“I can say once you get things worked out administratively, the middle school and high school teachers will be ready to deliver,” Wickett said.
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