Elementary education and literacy in new principal's background

Lora Kester of Marshalltown has been chosen as the new curriculum director and principal for the Mease Elementary School students for the 2020-21 school year. She will begin her duties July 1.

By Phil Monson
When Lora Kester began her search for an educational leadership position last winter, she was selective in what school district and community she would like to live and work.
When Humboldt’s opening for curriculum director and Mease Elementary School Principal came up, in her eyes Humboldt was at the top. After learning the Humboldt Board of Education approved her hiring at their April 14 meeting, Kester was elated about her new career opportunity.
Kester’s contract calls for her to serve 25 percent as Mease Elementary School Principal and 75 percent as the district-wide curriculum director.
Kester is currently a literacy consultant for the Central Rivers Area Education Agency in Marshalltown. She is the team lead for the agency. She has held her position with the AEA for the past five years.
“My position has given me some leadership opportunities as I have been working with districts in my region in the area of school improvement and literacy,” Kester said. Before taking her position with the AEA, Kester taught in the Marshalltown School District from 2002 to 2015.
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