St. Croix opens Humboldt location

A few members of the St. Croix Hospice Humboldt team include (l to r): Rachel Johnson, Becky Lane, Lynne Mckenna and Britany Sundall.

In response to growing need for hospice services in Iowa communities, St. Croix Hospice has opened a new branch in Humboldt. The new location at 701 Sumner Ave. will serve patients in Calhoun, Hamilton, Hancock, Humboldt, Kossuth, Pocahontas, Palo Alto, Webster, Winnebago and Wright counties.
Heidi Comely is Regional Director of Clinical Operations for St. Croix Hospice overseeing Humboldt. She said they are branching off from their Spencer location due to increased hospice utilization in local communities. The Humboldt office, which opened April 28, has about 16 employees to start.

“We continue to see a steady demand for hospice care,” says Dr. Andrew Mayo, Chief Medical Officer, St. Croix Hospice. “We serve patients in private homes, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities while following the CDC’s personal protective equipment guidelines for all patient care.”
The Humboldt location enhances St. Croix Hospice’s existing services in Iowa overall and specifically improves access to hospice for patients in northern Iowa. Staff provide direct care to all patients in need of hospice including those in rural and remote communities and are equipped with technology to admit and assess patients via telehealth when needed.
“We know the elderly and hospice patients are particularly at great risk from this virus, so our expert care teams are working hard with patients, their families and our partner residential facilities to provide hospice care while keeping people safe,” Dr. Mayo said.
St. Croix Hospice direct care staff are also using technology to connect patients and loved ones who may be separated due to visitor restrictions at facilities.
“We feel it is very important to make sure families stay connected to their loved ones during this time via videoconferencing apps like Facetime and Google Duo. It gives a lot of joy to the patient and family,” Comely said.
The St. Croix Hospice care model has demonstrated unique adaptability to the changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Patient care has continued uninterrupted, with admissions and appointments available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
If you think a loved one may need hospice care, call St. Croix Hospice 24/7 at 855-278-2764. More information is available at

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