Local residents attend rally at Bicknell Park

A protester in the Black Lives Matter event held in Humboldt on June 5 displaying one of the message boards in attendance. Independent photo by Phil Monson.

By Phil Monson
While Humboldt may be a rural community somewhat removed from the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping the nation and the world, it drew the attention of a group of 60 local residents gathered last Friday night (June 5) at Bicknell Park to take a stand on ending systemic racism.
The gathering, organized by John Grause, Cindy Terwilliger and Shelly Allen, was a peaceful gathering, which included personal testimonials by six individuals.
“It is mind-blowing that we still have racism in our society and world even today in 2020. You look at the battles that have been waged for centuries because of continued racism,” Grause said. “Martin Luther King’s dream is still unfulfilled. Rosa Parks’ life-changing battles are another key moment in history. The people in the Stonewall riots in June of 1969 who risked their lives to stop being violently attacked by law enforcement. We just have to change it.”
“We don’t have a police brutality problem here but we do have a problem with people knowing what the equality issues are,” Terwilliger said. “There are people here who have never had a conversation with a black person.”
A drive-through Humboldt and Dakota City rally was held Saturday, June 6, bringing to light the same issue. Organizers of the Friday event vowed to continue conversations and events that encourage inclusiveness and diversity in the community.
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