School opens with plenty of new faces

Pictured are the local school administrators, many of whom are new to the district. From left: Humboldt Middle School Principal Brenda Geitzenauer, Assistant Middle School Principal Creighton Jenness, Mease Elementary Principal and Humboldt and Twin Rivers Curriculum Director Lora Kester, Taft Elementary Principal Ryan Fedders, Humboldt and Twin Rivers Superintendent Jim Murray, Twin Rivers Principal Mark Wenzel, Humboldt High School Assistant Principal Abby Horbach, and Humboldt High School Principal Paul Numedahl. Humboldt Independent photo by Phil Monson.

Wednesday, Aug. 26 marked the first day of school for Humboldt and Twin Rivers. Look for a feature in this week’s Humboldt Independent on new educators and administrators. Read the Humboldt Independent every week for all the latest school news and sports.

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