Drivers need to stop when a school bus does

Pictured from left to right are some of the bus drivers for the Humboldt Community School, Leroy Clapper, Les Fevold, Chris Pedersen, Wendy Johnson, Kim Tinken, Leo Reigelsberger, Tom Hart, Jeff Kleiss and Denise Curtis. Other Humboldt drivers not pictured: Ted Beach, Al Blanchard and Mike Pedersen, and Twin Rivers School bus drivers Mike Collins and Roy Scott. Humboldt Independent photo.

You could hear the emotion in their voices as Humboldt Community School District and Twin Rivers bus drivers described close calls they’ve encountered with vehicles passing a stopped school bus.
That’s a stopped school bus with flashing red and yellow lights and a stop sign extended. The law says vehicles from both directions must stop. Why? To allow children departing the stopped bus to safely cross the roadway.
As of Sept. 17, at least seven vehicles had passed a stopped Humboldt school bus. Last school year it happened more than 30 times.
“It seems some people speed up when they see the flashing lights,” bus driver Kim Tinken said.
“Our number one thought is the safety of the children. The last thing any of us want to do is to go explain to a parent why their child is no longer here,” bus driver Wendy Johnson said.
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