HCSD keeps a close eye on school COVID cases

Humboldt School Superintendent Jim Murray updated the Board of Education and the public on what the school is doing to monitor and limit the spread of COVID-19 cases among students.

By Phil Monson
As the coronavirus has seen a surge in the county lately, the Humboldt Community School District continues to closely monitor the situation.
During the regular monthly meeting of the Humboldt School Board Monday night (Oct. 26), School Superintendent Jim Murray and his administrative team updated the board on efforts the district has taken to keep students safe.
Murray says 25 elementary school students and 48 secondary level students continue to take classes online through the Edgenuity program.
“If a student isn’t making good progress after having attempted to take classes through this online program, then we will be contacting those students and their parents to inform them they will need to come back to the school,” Murray said.
“We won’t offer that remote option unless they have a health concern or a family member has a health concern with that student returning to the school building. If that program isn’t working, then we will come up with a different plan to be able to educate that student remotely,” Murray said.
“We usually have two or three students each week that are COVID positive. It varies per building. I think the high school has the most cases but we do get a case at the elementary and middle school level from time to time,” Murray said.
“When we have had a COVID positive case in the building, we have been sending out an email to everyone letting them know we have one. We contact the families personally who are impacted. Right now it is steady enough that I’m afraid it is being sent out so much that people are not giving it the attention that they need to, so we will probably discontinue that,” Murray said.
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