Students awarded with Bears and Books

First and second grade students at Taft Elementary School were awarded with "Bears and Books," thanks to a cooperative effort of the Iowa State Education Association, Humboldt Education Association and a special friend of Santa's, Elf Tutu, who made approximately 205 bears for the good girls and boys. Humboldt Independent photo.

First and second grade students at Taft Elementary School had a surprise this holiday season. Santa reported that the students had been exceptionally good this year and deserved a special gift.
A new event, “Bears and Books,” was held on Dec. 23 at Taft Elementary in Humboldt. Students were treated to a handmade Teddy Bear and a book appropriate to the students’ age and a surprise item.
The books were provided by the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA) and the Humboldt Education Association (HEA). The bears and surprise items were donated by Santa’s Teddy Bear making elf named Tutu.
Tutu received word directly from Santa in March regarding good behavior of the students and directed Elf Tutu to begin making the Teddy Bears for each student. Tutu cut out, sewed and stuffed each bear and was on hand as the bears were chosen by the students to take home.
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