2021 challenges Humboldt County bean growers

Gold Eagle Cooperative Regional Agronomy Supervisor Cory Donahe stands in a test plot field for the co-op north of Hardy. Humboldt Independent photo.

“Soybeans are a tough crop to raise in this area,” said Cory Donahe, regional agronomy supervisor with the Gold-Eagle Cooperative.
Different soil types, soil Ph issues, weed pressures, pests and soil diseases are all variables that make growing a good bean crop a challenge for even the most diligent agriculturists.
“Beans are a tough one to predict and they are an unknown yield until you get them through the combine. They can be tall and look great and not yield and they can be short and look like crap and blow your mind at harvest, so you never know,” Cory said.
“Fifty bushel beans in central Humboldt County is a pretty good yield,” Donahe said.
Read more about the local crop, the outlook and what is being done to promote soybeans and increase demand in this week's Humboldt Independent in the Salute to Soybean Farmers special section.

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