Leaders explore dam options

This is a screen shot of a slide showing sediment levels in the Des Moines River from the Sheldon Park Boat Ramp (far left) to the Joe Reasoner Dam (far right). Graphic courtesy of Stantec Consulting.

Members of the Stantec Consultants study team met with the Humboldt County Conservation Board and four members of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors via Zoom on Aug. 18, to discuss the improvement project for the Joe Reasoner Dam and environs in Humboldt.
Fernando Del Monte, lead engineer, Mimi Wagner, landscape architect and low-head dam specialist, and Cody Fleece, river eco systems specialist, were part of the meeting representing Stantec. Conservation Board members Bob Rasmussen, Bob Moser, TC Loving, Mary Miner and Tate Satern were in attendance either in person or remotely, as were County Supervisors Rick Pedersen, Dave Lee, Sandy Loney and Bruce Reimers. Humboldt County Conservation Director Todd Lee was also in attendance.
The alternatives being considered are full dam rehabilitation, a lowering of the dam crest and water improvements, or total removal of the dam.
Stantec presented a Reservoir Bathymetry profile which shows sediment levels at four-to-six feet in the area upstream leading to the dam, the levels increase to 8-12 feet along segments of the west shore where the river narrows along West River Drive. Del Monte said rods were used for the sediment profiles and those don’t measure the denser, thicker material over time that may be part of the river channel.
“Some places sediment was 2-4-feet deep and others it was 4-6-feet deep. I would expect more sediment downstream than upstream,” Fleece said.
Read about opinions on what should be done and when the study will be completed in this week's Humboldt Independent, your trusted source for local news and sports.

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