Humboldt Hospital, EMS uses groundbreaking device

HCMH Ambulance Co-Director Jordan Erie (center) is wearing a headband trained Emergency Medical Service providers will be able to use on patients to determine if a non-convulsive seizure is occurring. Erie is flanked by Chad Meyers (left) and Patti Hartmann (right), representatives from Ceribell, a California company that is marketing the devices. Humboldt Independent photo.

“We’re here to provide best care practices for the community. Humboldt County Memorial Hospital (HCMH) recognized what those practices are and they realized there was an untreated population,” said Patti Hartmann a registered nurse and clinical marketing manager with Ceribell, a California company advancing reporting on brain activity.
“That untreated population was those people having non-convulsive seizures,” she said.
The mobile EEG device uses a headband and software algorithm to provide brain wave activity in the field.
“It’s a huge, huge tool for us,” Humboldt EMS Co-Director Jordan Erie said. “We want to be the innovators in the EMS world and on the forefront with new equipment and leading that drive. This is going to be the core of that and we will continue to look for more pieces of equipment and more things we can do to drive that change."
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