A stopped school bus means, you stop too

When the stop sign arm is extended on a school bus and the red flashing lights are on all drivers are required by law to stop in all directions. People going around stopped school buses is a growing problem and a huge safety issue for children boarding or exiting school buses. Humboldt Independent photo.

In the first 31 days of school, 11 drivers went around a stopped school bus with the stop sign extended and lights flashing.
Humboldt and Twin Rivers Transportation Director Leo Reigelsberger is appealing to drivers to please not go around a stopped school bus.
“Is saving a minute or two of time worth it? It could be a child’s life we are talking about,” Reigelsberger said.
Humboldt and Twin Rivers have invested in more cameras on school busses. Out of the 11 incidents, nine were recorded on video. The videos have been turned over to law enforcement to charge drivers.
“Fortunately, thus far no child has been injured. My fear is that a child is going to get hit,” Reigelsberger said. “The majority of incidents have happened right in town on the preschool routes.”
As a bus prepares to stop to drop off or pick up a child, yellow lights start flashing first, then a stop sign is extended and the yellow lights change to red flashing lights. There are red LED lights around the stop sign. The school district installed extra flashing lights at bumper height.
“The school buses have the most precious cargo of anyone, our kids from pre-school to high school age,” Reigelsberger said. “We’re just asking everyone to be aware, obey the law and keep our students safe.”
For more information on this subject, read the full story in this week's Humboldt Independent. Also, see the salute to our school bus driver's in this week's issue.

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