Humboldt School continues with in-person classes

Humboldt and Twin Rivers School Superintendent Jim Murray said his administrative team is doing a great job despite leading teachers in the most challenging situations, a global health pandemic. Pictured from left: Brenda Geitzenauer, Creighton Jenness, Lora Kester, Ryan Fedders, Jim Murray, Mark Wenzel, Abby Horbach and Paul Numedahl. Humboldt Independent photo by Phil Monson.

Humboldt and Twin Rivers Superintendent of Schools Jim Murray said despite rising COVID-19 positive rates in the community, school absenteeism rates remain low and the Humboldt Community School District continues with its in-person learning model with a few exceptions.
Murray said the district monitors and counts the number of students who have tested positive for COVID-19. “On Tuesday, Nov. 3, we had one high school student and two middle school students,” he said.
“Daily attendance rates are still consistently high, our students are at school and students that are quarantined have, for the most part, been exposed to a family member or someone in the home,” Murray said. He said school absenteeism rates are consistent with previous years, despite the virus and some students having to quarantine due to exposure.
“Our greatest challenge is staffing. If there is anything that would drive us toward remote learning, or hybrid learning or some type of shutdown, it would be a shortage of staff,” Murray reported from his office last Friday.
Murray went on to talk about COVID-19 protocols, benefits of in-person learning, students learning remotely through the Edgenuity program and challenges for the staff and administration during a pandemic. Read his thoughts in this week's Humboldt Independent. Subscribe by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

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