Boil order lifted for Dakota City

The boil order for the city of Dakota City has been lifted, as of 9:45 this morning. All water in the city is now safe to drink and use without boiling. The city reported that sometime early Monday morning, a water main break occurred near the intersection of 4th Street North and 4th Street North. One pipe was about six inches below the other, forcing water to leak out, draining the city's 150,000-gallon water tower. The leak was discovered and repaired and the city conducted testing upstream, downstream and at the tower location. The city had to wait 24 hours before getting the OK from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to life the boil order. There was no contamination to the system and the city refilled the water tower supply in a timely fashion.
City Clerk Angelique Berry thanked Hy-Vee for delivering 14 pallets of water on Monday for residents. Bottled water was delivered to Chantland's MHS Co., Tim and Nick's Restaurant, Kiddie Cats Child Care and Learning Center and Mease Elementary School. Dakota City Mayor Sean Phillips said water was also delivered to some elderly shut-in residents in the community, to make sure they were taken care of.

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