Bowdens practice diversification in farming operation

Nick and Steph Bowden are happy farming and selling Wyffels seed corn on their farm southwest of Humboldt. They are pictured with one of their newest agricultural endeavors, raising recently weaned pigs from nursery to finish for Prestage farms. Humboldt Independent photo by Kent Thompson.

Even though they are modern day farmers, there is something a bit retro about Nick and Stephanie “Steph” Bowden of rural Humboldt.
The Bowdens are part of a growing number of twentysomething or thirtysomething farmers who have reached back in the agricultural playbook to practice something their grandparents readily embraced. It’s called diversification, and while the form and function may have changed, the principle is still the same — have a variety of farming and business enterprises, so if one market or product is down, another may be stable or rising in productivity and value.
The Bowdens raise corn, beans, cattle and their latest enterprise, swine, on their century farm southwest of Humboldt.
The Bowdens are contract feeders for Prestage Farms. They own the building and provide the labor to raise the pigs, which belong to Prestage. Nick and Steph are paid a monthly salary for their work. It’s a little more work in the late summer/ early fall and spring of the year when new pigs arrive.
The Bowdens decided to build a 2,496-head finish unit confinement building on Georgia Avenue, just around the corner from their homestead. Read more about their operation in this week's Salute to Pork Producers special section in The Humboldt Independent.

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